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Individual and Group Consultation for Private Practice Professionals

I have built a full private practice in a town commonly referred to as "saturated." If you are like me you don't like the idea of not having a paycheck coming in on the regular. As I began my journey I feared this happening during slow times and was commited to learning everything I could to market efficiently and effectively. You can get the fruit of my labor reading, researching and trying out different strategies. Months of listening to podcasts, reading articles and taking webinars has resulted in a passion to teach others how to be successful in this field where being an awesome Therapist/Coach is not enough if you can't market yourself to your ideal client. 

  • Web marketing basics

  • How to use analytics

  • Getting "indexed" and verified online

  • Using social media to increase referrals

  • Finding additional revenue Streams

  • personal consultation available to meet your needs

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