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Angela Wilkers MS LMFT

About the Therapist

Angela Wilkers MS LMFT

M.S. in Marriage and Family Therapy

Approved Clinical Supervisor

Rostered TFCBT Clinician

​I love my job. I absolutely LOVE what I do every day. I have this amazing opportunity to spend my days walking with people along their journey in life.  People like you give me permission to learn about the hardest challenges and the most personal, precious moments and experiences you have had. I feel blessed and honored to walk that path with you.


Tell me your story, your challenges and most importantly tell me your strengths. I will meet you where you are. I will take your truth and your strength and walk with you to create a path toward your goals. I am experiential and solution oriented. This is the theoretical stuff. It means I will provide you with actual experiences both in session and out to help you use the skills and make the changes you want. These experiences will often be fun or induce laughter. It also means I believe in you. I believe that the solutions are reachable and possible in your life.


I see life as an adventure. When I was a guide at an outdoor program I led this incredible spring break trip kayaking the everglades and my mentor and guide partner had a habit of starting each day with a bold statement full of energy and giddy-ness, “Are You Ready For This?” She would say. I will never forget my first session back at the office the next week with this beautiful retired couple as I walked into the room with them and said, “Are Ya’ll Ready For This?” for a moment I felt embarrassed that I approached their therapy session with this enthusiasm. Then I realized that I will never be able to help having that enthusiasm with the couples, families and individuals I work with. Life is so stressful sometimes and the hurt and struggles can make us feel really low. I respect your pain and I try to bring light and energy to the hard work ahead of you.


You might like to know that I also work as a Clinical Supervisor to guide other counselors and therapists toward their licensure. This means I have extra training and experience that can help other therapists grow and become better at what they do. I really enjoy using my education and experience to mentor others in this field.

Angela Wilkers is a Marriage and Family Therapist and Hypnotherapist specializing in working with couples and individuals dealing with relationship issues or anxiety. Raised in Arizona where she received her BS in Human Communication and Family Studies and transplanted to North Carolina in 2005 to gain a Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy. Angela has found home in the mountains of Western NC. Living with her adventurist husband and two sons and on a mission to change the world...or at least her neck of the woods...Angela treats each day and each therapy session as a new adventure. Using Emotionally Focused Couples therapy and Experiential techniques Angela helps people to find their foundation and build their relationships from the ground up with new attention to attachment, internal needs and external behaviors. Life is a Journey. Are you ready for your Journey Within?


All information discussed in counseling will be treated as confidential except in instances when the client becomes a serious threat to self or others, when mandated by the law orupon an insurance company’s request for information regarding reimbursement of fees.



I follow the code of ethics of the following Organization:

American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy Code of Ethics

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