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I'm a relationships-oriented therapist with an emphasis on providing help and support for those seeking to address conflict, loneliness, and confusion in their lives.  I'm not overwhelmed by strong feelings or serious struggles, and I can stay curious when the problem gets complicated.  I sincerely believe that people are capable of great change because I’ve seen it, and lived it. Together, we'll look for the heart of the matter and what might help.  

Working with Individuals and Couples, Premarital and relationship counseling, Individuals navigating infidelity, EMDR. Clinical Supervision and Celebrant of Marriage and Divorce Ceremonies

Providing counseling for perinatal, postpartum, anxiety and depression issues.

Out of the Woods Therapy


Relationship Counseling and Sex Therapy

With advanced training in Human Sexuality and Marriage & Family Therapy, I specialize in treating sexual issues and various concerns about relationships. I offer a very open-minded, compassionate, and nonjudgmental approach that makes it a lot easier to talk about your personal life and relationships. 

Allison Ramsey, MS, LPC, GC-C

Certified Grief Counselor

Counseling for Grief and Infertility

I help people navigate the wilderness of loss. Loss makes people feel lost. I want to help you find your bearings, get to know this foreign landscape, so that you can find your way to a recognizable path again. I will help you bring a light to your path through this wilderness.

Jordan Grob Counseling PLLC

Jordan Grob LCSW LCAS 

Working with individuals and couples who are facing relationship distress, anger/aggression and young adults in transition. 

Call (828) 989-2994 or e-mail

Flourish Counseling and Life Coaching

Jill Williams LCSW is a Counselor and Clinical Supervisor working with children, adults and families around a variety of issues including trauma, anxiety, parenting and life stressors. She is uniquely qualified to work with children under 5 years old and is also certified in TFCBT.

Beam Counseling and Consulting

Brent Beam is a Clinical Psychologist and Supervisor specializing in men’s issues, couples counseling, leadership development, career counseling, and helping people through depression, anxiety and relationship issues.

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About Kathrin:

Born and raised in East Germany and came to the United States in 1992. I earned a License for Massage and Bodywork, which led me to become more interested in human physiology, psychology, interaction and behavior. In 2010 I graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Health Science and in 2013 I concluded my studies for my Master’s Degree in Public Health with a specialization in Social and Behavioral Science. As someone who has always been interested in how we humans relate to each other and get through difficult times, I was excited to switch gears and pursue a career in Marriage and Family Therapy helping people work through change and feelings. I am passionate about helping people live their life to the fullest and happiest they can. My interest lies in Couples Therapy and I am planning on becoming more educated about and offering Play Therapy as well as Hypnosis and EMDR. Kathrin is currently completing her Master’s Degree in Marriage & Family Therapy at Northcentral University.

Kathrin May MFT Intern

Working at Journey Within under Angela's supervision and offering sliding scale appointments evenings and weekends. 912-271-9988

Other Local Resources

The Art of Undoing

Offering Cranio Sacral Therapy and Massage these folks are true Healers. 

Asheville Community Accupuncture

This talented crew of professionals provides healing and relaxation through traditional chinese medicine. They offer acupuncture, cupping and herbs as well as having massage therapists on staff. Using a sliding fee scale this is an affordable addition to your self care. 

Asheville Alternative Clinic

This talented crew of professionals provides healing and relaxation through traditional chinese medicine. They offer acupuncture, cupping and herbs as well as having massage therapists on staff. They are a not for profit and affordable option.

Licensed Counselor and Massage Therapist

Luce L Beagle, LPC, LCASA CD/LMBT #NC 04475


Luce (LuChay) has experience and credentials in prenatal, labor and postpartum massage, with a history as a doula. Also working as a licensed counselor with Transgender teens and adults Luce is a fabulous resource in our community.

Volunteer Opportunities

Find local volunteer opportunities and programs. Giving back and getting involved can enhance your sense of wellbeing and increase your mental health.

Local Support Groups

Find and search through dozens of support groups in the Asheville area. This section is updated frequently. 

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