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Services and Pricing Information

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Friendly Reminder:


Cancellation Policy:

If you do not show up for your scheduled therapy appointment, and you have not notified me at least 25 hours in advance, you will be required to pay the full cost of the session. IF there is incliment weather I offer virtual sessions and expect clients to make every effort to keep their appointment.

Individual, Family and Couples Therapy


Assessment: $180

Co-parenting/Separation Mediation: $180

Individual, couple and family Session: $160

Insurance accepted: Blue Cross Blue Shield

I can provide you with a receipt/statement if you have other insurance and would like to submit as an out of network provider for reimbursement. Please READ HERE for information regarding fees related to legal or court involved cases


Clinical Supervision Group
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Clinical Supervision


I am an Approved Clinical Supervisor for LPCA's and LMFTA's. I offer individual supervision weekly to comply with your licensure requirements; group supervision may be available for a reduced rate as well. (depending on supervisee interest and time of year) I provide reciepts for each session, monthly reports to your agency supervisor and as needed consultation. Please contact me for additional information and to review my supervision contract and requirements.


Individual Supervision: $125 per hour

Group Supervision: $55 per hour and a half

Business Services


I offer a range of business services including workshops, trainings, consultations, retreats and team building. Depending on the number of participants and amount of time the fee will vary. Please feel free to contact my by phone or email for a free consultation and to plan your next workshop, consultation or retreat.


Consultation fees range from $100 to $160 per hour. 

General guidelines for groups are: $120 per hour minimum up to 6 participants and $25 per additional participant per hour. Discounts and special rates are available.

Court Action/Legal Fees

Even though client is responsible for the testimony fee, it does not mean that my testimony will be solely in your favor. I can only testify to the facts of the case and to my professional opinion. 

 The following fees are in effect if/when clients choose to ask or require therapist to participate in legal and court issues:                                  

  1. Preparation time (including submission of records): $220/hr

  2. Phone calls: $220/hr

  3. Depositions: $250/hour

  4. Time required in giving testimony: $250/hour

  5. Mileage: $0.54/mile (IRS Business Mileage Rate)

  6. Time away from office due to depositions or testimony: $220/hour

  7. All attorney fees and costs incurred by the therapist as a result of the legal action.

  8. Filing a document with the court: $100

  9. The minimum charge for a court appearance: $1500

  10. If court case is located outside of 50 mile radius of counselors office, Asheville NC above fees are doubled.  Client agrees to pay hotel fee if counselor is staying overnight due to case time restraints.

  11. All fees are doubled if counselor, Angela Wilkers LMFT had a scheduled time out of town/leave

A retainer of $1500 is due in advance. If a subpoena or notice to meet attorney(s) is received without a minimum of 48-hour notice there will be an additional $250 “express” charge. Also, if the case is reset with less than 72 business hours notice, then the client will be charged $500 (in addition to the retainer of $1500).

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