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Relationships can be so hard! If you are reading this you are likely experiencing a difficult stage in your partnership. Whether you are living together, dating, practicing ethical nonmanogamy, married, remarried, newlyweds, or engaged I am here to help you be your best and share your love, committment, health and happiness with that special someone.


I have worked with couples in every stage of their relationship. I look forward to meeting you and your partner and helping navigate any difficulties you may be facing. I use evidence based techniques including Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT), Relational Life Therapy (RLT) as well as engaging and fun Experiential techniques that will help both of you feel comfortable, safe and ready to tackle those issues that are commonly avoided and cause couple distress.  I can also assist with premarital education/counseling; I am a certified PREPARE/ENRICH counselor.

Partner/Couples Counseling

Premarital Education/Counseling

Couples Therapy, Marriage Counseling

Emotion Focused Therapy

Avoiding Divorce/Separation

Co-parenting after Divorce

LGBTQ Relationships

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