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This Stuff is fun, inspirational and educational

This app/website will provide fun and entertaining ways to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety

This app/website will provide you with a personalized improving your mental health and becoming "super, better"

This is one of my favorite TED talks. Jane McGonigal speaks about depression, PTSD, Post Traumatic Growth and doing simple tasks every day to improve your physical and mental health and to create a "Super, Better" you.

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Links to other websites, blogs etc that I think are cool:

Resources for Couples


Learn more about the techniques I use in my couples work. 

In this short video Dr. Sue Johnson, the developer of Emotionally Focused Therapy and Founder of ICEEFT introduces the research on the "Laws of Love and Connection"

Harlowe's research showing the power of comfort and love

Podcast and Blogposts Based on John Gottman's research

Four minutes will take you to a new level of intimacy.

The science of love


Creating Stronger Relationships


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